North Mountain Park

In collaboration with Northwest Biological Consulting (NBC) and Fred Phillips Engineering, KenCairn Landscape Architects (KLA) provided design input regarding a large sediment basin on Beach Creek. The basin was designed to trap large amounts of sediments that were generated by runoff from the Beach Creek Stormwater Basin, approximately 400 acres in size. The sediment basin is designed to be maintained by the City of Ashland heavy equipment crews. The sediment trap provides the first level of storm water treatment by removing the sediments that contain a majority of the pollutants such as heavy metals, oil, pesticides, harmful bacteria, and other contaminants. Large parking lots adjacent to the sediment basin on Beach Creek were designed by KLA to include slow release detention of storm water through the use of grading and curb details, with water quality treatment by means of a series of constructed bio-swales. Runoff from the parking lot is filtered through a series of swales, which contain wetland plants and gravels to remove sediments and pollutants before the water returns to Beach Creek.